New Ebook Just Finished

Had some time this past week and decided to do some research and prepare this ebook for my customers. Typical like products run around  $27 but this one is on sale for less than $10 bucks..You also get free membership with a bunch of goodies. Hope you enjoy the read….Here is the Salespage.


Curious as to what all the fellow online marketers will be doing on Halloween.Myself will be building more informational products as well as continue to work some other projects on the side.

I can’t believe the Movie scene is basically the same. Not that I am an avid movie watcher but this next movie this year seems like it will keep some amused..If you haven’t seen the trailer yet here is a link. Halloween.

Speaking of links have you ever wondered about backlinks?

The first step in obtaining quality backlinks is to make sure your site is “linkable”. This means getting your content out there so people can find it and making sure your content is relevant, targeted and share-worthy. You’ve probably seen your share of content round-ups, right? Those articles titled with headlines like, “Top 10 Must-Read SEO Articles”. The reason these are so popular is that they’re an easy way for bloggers and website owners to create content for their site without writing a lot themselves. Rather than having to craft an original article, and spending hours doing so, they simply create a post that shares the top resources, with outbound links to relevant websites.  Needless to say, because these posts are so popular, they are also fantastic sources of quality backlinks! So, you need to make your content as attractive as possible to the people who are creating those types of articles. You can do this by creating “link bait”, which are high quality articles that other people will want to link to because they extend coverage of a topic, provide more value and help readers expand their knowledge. According to Moz, about 75% of content found on the internet has zero inbound links. This is partially due to the sheer volume of content, of course, but it’s also due in part to the lack of quality. Let’s say you’re running a blog for internet marketers. You’ll want to create a few articles that are much longer and much more in-depth than the rest of your content. These articles, known as “pillar content” will form the cornerstone of your website, and they’ll be the articles that are most likely to generate backlinks. But you also need to be sure your content is easy to find for people who want to link to it. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure your content is available through social media. Pinterest is one of the first stops for a lot of people who are creating effective content round-up articles. It’s easy to find content on Pinterest because of the visual format and overall structure, and with its millions of users, it’s easy to tap into your market and maximize exposure. If you want people to find you easily on Pinterest, be sure you create high-quality images that are taller than they are wide, feature text that lets people know what your article is about, and includes a couple of primary keywords in your description. Be sure to share your content on other social media channels, too, and include keywords and hashtags. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can also help your content get discovered. As for what you should share, begin by creating content that you know your audience is actively looking for.  If you develop content around what your target market finds most valuable it will be easy to reach out to new visitor’s while maximizing exposure within your market. Then, create complimentary (or auxiliary) content that supports your main articles. This could include a series of blog posts, podcasts, video content or even tweetable posts that are easy to share. To get a more in-depth look at Backlinking Join our Free membership …once logged in you will be able to check this educational guide.  

We always hear the saying “the money is in the list”.This, of course, is your list that is used to send folks your offers, newsletters, build rapport, get to know your customers and their needs, etc. Sadly again the marketing business has grown so big that some people think that as soon as they get that first person on their list its time to start bombarding them with emails primarily just hoping they will take the hook at the first sign of their email. Well, 99% of the time the first offer gets rejected and deleted as soon as it hits the inbox. The young marketing genius decides …Well, let’s save the proper way to approach new subscribers for another post.

Now let’s talk about getting subscribers on your list…There are many ways to get subscribers on your list including social media, solo ads, website, etc. But one must remember having umpteen thousand emails on your list doesn’t necessarily mean all those on your list is interested in anything other than the Bribe they received.

Let’s explain…If my niche is in perfumes…and if I give away a free burger in a parking lot for anyone that signs up on my list do that mean all these people are going to be interested in my perfume offers I email them?

Probably not we just have alot of people signed up that like burgers.Much like your online business you want to offer something of value that helps other solve a problem..Maybe it’s training or a free plug in or something that relates to your business.

If your actually building a list for a hamburger place than you probably have done great but if your looking to sell online business tools…probably not.

Sure there will be some that like burgers and online businesses but all the other free burgers you gave away …not value ad when it comes to building your specific list.

I do have some free training I just uploaded to the new members area..No worries the membership is free as well..


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3 keys to good content

How to write Good Content is a super topic, where the answers are very underutilized. After looking through several posts in blogs pages, etc. with the internet steadily growing and more people are coming into the IM space there is continuously more garbage rewritten rehashed, etc.

Original content is number 1…If you’re into the content marketing and who isn’t? No matter what business or service you are in, you’re actually into content marketing, only the content is selling your products or services. Perhaps not directly but in a sense, the written material, is indirect, used as a piece of content generally has a logo a tagline or some relation to the identity of the creator of the content.

Relevance is number 2-What relevance does the content have to your audience. With a broader audience, it may only have 20 or 30% relevance, mainly if your audience is subscribed to multiple niches.

Resonance number 3-does the article have any resonance with your readers. What is the difference between resonance and relevance you ask? Relevance is done this pertain to me while resonance does the writer write in such a way that I can identify with or bond with the reasoning of the writing. At first, I might not understand more like “where is this coming from” to “oh I get It” moment. I had read a few articles, and one that I could resonate with is a formula Relevance + Resonance= Significance. The writer was referring to the Social Media aspects of a brand, and the content is published to social media, but we can apply to blogs, ebooks, articles, etc. Those are the three most significant components that through research has been the most identified as the most critical elements in content marketing. So Let’s get busy. Challenge yourself into writing an article that is original, relevant and will resonate with your audience. Any doubts? As always remember……YES, YOU CAN!