We always hear the saying “the money is in the list”.This, of course, is your list that is used to send folks your offers, newsletters, build rapport, get to know your customers and their needs, etc. Sadly again the marketing business has grown so big that some people think that as soon as they get that first person on their list its time to start bombarding them with emails primarily just hoping they will take the hook at the first sign of their email. Well, 99% of the time the first offer gets rejected and deleted as soon as it hits the inbox. The young marketing genius decides …Well, let’s save the proper way to approach new subscribers for another post.

Now let’s talk about getting subscribers on your list…There are many ways to get subscribers on your list including social media, solo ads, website, etc. But one must remember having umpteen thousand emails on your list doesn’t necessarily mean all those on your list is interested in anything other than the Bribe they received.

Let’s explain…If my niche is in perfumes…and if I give away a free burger in a parking lot for anyone that signs up on my list do that mean all these people are going to be interested in my perfume offers I email them?

Probably not we just have alot of people signed up that like burgers.Much like your online business you want to offer something of value that helps other solve a problem..Maybe it’s training or a free plug in or something that relates to your business.

If your actually building a list for a hamburger place than you probably have done great but if your looking to sell online business tools…probably not.

Sure there will be some that like burgers and online businesses but all the other free burgers you gave away …not value ad when it comes to building your specific list.

I do have some free training I just uploaded to the new members area..No worries the membership is free as well..


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Often Times it has been asked how do we create a video with timing/quality and precision in a post on social media.

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