3 keys to good content

How to write Good Content is a super topic, where the answers are very underutilized. After looking through several posts in blogs pages, etc. with the internet steadily growing and more people are coming into the IM space there is continuously more garbage rewritten rehashed, etc.

Original content is number 1…If you’re into the content marketing and who isn’t? No matter what business or service you are in, you’re actually into content marketing, only the content is selling your products or services. Perhaps not directly but in a sense, the written material, is indirect, used as a piece of content generally has a logo a tagline or some relation to the identity of the creator of the content.

Relevance is number 2-What relevance does the content have to your audience. With a broader audience, it may only have 20 or 30% relevance, mainly if your audience is subscribed to multiple niches.

Resonance number 3-does the article have any resonance with your readers. What is the difference between resonance and relevance you ask? Relevance is done this pertain to me while resonance does the writer write in such a way that I can identify with or bond with the reasoning of the writing. At first, I might not understand more like “where is this coming from” to “oh I get It” moment. I had read a few articles, and one that I could resonate with is a formula Relevance + Resonance= Significance. The writer was referring to the Social Media aspects of a brand, and the content is published to social media, but we can apply to blogs, ebooks, articles, etc. Those are the three most significant components that through research has been the most identified as the most critical elements in content marketing. So Let’s get busy. Challenge yourself into writing an article that is original, relevant and will resonate with your audience. Any doubts? As always remember……YES, YOU CAN!  

Often Times it has been asked how do we create a video with timing/quality and precision in a post on social media.

Here are A few tools below. Click on any of the images for more info.




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