Building your online presence  will be the ultimate guide to setting up MailChimp on WordPress in this video you’re going to learn why your website absolutely needs an email list how to set up email lists with mailchimp how to add email subscribe boxes on your wordpress website that actually work how to set up Autoresponder messages and what an autoresponder is and Some awesome tips to start getting your first email subscribers You might have come across on some pages a pop-up Which asks you to enter your email address to subscribe to a newsletter or for something free in return All of these little boxes Gather email addresses so you can deliver awesomeness to everyone even while you’re sleeping Creating an email subscriber list is one of the first things you should do to grow your website and online presence Even when you have zero traffic, I wanted to make this step-by-step guide for you So I can hold you by the hand and walk you through setting up your first Newsletter email opt-in and give you some awesome tips on how to get people to subscribe Let’s jump straight in and get started we’re going to be using mailchimp because it’s super simple to use and has a Completely free option there is an option to pay for a monthly which will give you more options But for now the free version is great Mailchimp is feature-rich such as using your blogs RSS feed to send emails which makes it really easy to Automatically have your newest blog posts sent out to your email list you’ve got subscriber profiles So you can get insights about your subscribers and keep in contact in one place Mailchimp is automated It helps you email the right people at the right time this is based on customer behavior and preferences as well as timezone mailchimp also recommends the best time to send emails within 24 hours of your select delivery date determined by your specific lists engagement data Mailchimp has flexible design options for teams of all sizes you can collaborate on campaigns that fit your brand using mailchimp Email designer Mailchimp’s templates and forms are responsive so they work on any device mailchimp is always working for you 24/7 let’s learn how to set it up Head over to and the first thing you want to do is sign up for your free mailchimp account click on sign up for free here enter your email username and Password and if you agree to the terms and conditions just click on create my account You’ve just been sent a confirmation email, so let’s go and confirm that now so everything coming up works perfectly So find the email and click the button And we then just need to fill in a few more details to finish setting up your account enter your name again and your address or a PO box this is the address which is shown on the bottom of emails you send once that’s all filled out click on save and get started and You’ll be on the dashboard to create your first list just click on create a list and you’re taken to this page To fill in some information about your list so give it a name the default from email you want to use and The default from name and a little message for people to remind them how they got on your list take any notifications You’d like to receive about this list I recommend not having an email every time someone Subscribes or unsubscribes as you can receive hundreds of emails Just use your phone and the app will have a daily summary instead Fantastic you’ve now got your first list, but it looks empty as gym in October.

So now it’s time to learn how to set up Autoresponder and welcome messages and get an email opt-in form on your website how to add an email subscribe box to your wordpress website I’m going to show you one of our favorite plugins we use which integrates with mailchimp Perfectly that creates the perfect email opt-in box for your website. I’m talking about sumo me list builder list builder converts one-time visitors into lifelong readers and email subscribers Because you work hard on your website list builder lightbox makes sure they subscribe to your email list and come back for more it catches their attention Right before they leave asking for their email address in return for a great offer It’s fully customizable and easy to set up I’ll quickly guide you through getting this installed on your wordpress website And then link it to our mailchimp to collect our email opt-ins so to do this make sure your on your dashboard for your website We’re going to install the sumo me plugin and then install list builder sumo me has quite a few apps and I’ve made videos on them all if you’re interested in learning about the others so head to plugins and add new and search for sumo me click on install and then activate now you’ll see you have a new box on the top right which you need to click and register with sumo me so do that now when you’re done hover over the box again and click on the crown and Sumo me store We’re looking for list builder as I said sumo me has created some awesome apps to use to leverage your website List builder is just one of them, here it is, now click on list builder and Free and its installed now click on the crown again and click on list builder You’ve got a toolbar on the left here with all the sections We’re here to link mailchimp to list builder and our opt-in form so we can start collecting emails from our visitors So click on services and this brings up all the services that integrate with list builder Mailchimp is at the top so let’s click on that and it connects in just a couple of clicks click on Connect enter your details and Sign in and you’re all connected List builder will now work with mailchimp and when someone submits their email to your opt-in form that we will be creating in a moment It will be add to the list in mailchimp so you are always in communication with your visitors so now we want to create a lightbox or opt-in form so we can start collecting our visitors email addresses and all we do is click on Design and This page lets us customize our opt-in form so we can write a title and main text here change colors the size of the form and Edit the success message after someone enters their email you can see how your changes look straightaway on the right as you do them and You’ve also got templates here which have forms you can pay to use and these look good So if you want to do that you can but the free default form works great when you’re done click on save Now click on behavior, and we’ll have a quick look at these settings for the form here you can choose when you want your form to show up and If you use the smart feature list builder knows when your visitors are about to leave and the form shows up There are lots of options here to play around with Check out your website and have a look at your new list builder.

I’ve got mine to show up Just as someone is about to leave Here it is this looks great now we’ve set up our lightbox and links it to our mailchimp all we need to do now is set up a welcome message and autoresponders, so let’s do that now so what is an autoresponder? It’s a message. That’s been set up to be sent automatically when you sign up to an email list for example Have you ever received those emails straight after signing up for something that is an autoresponder? Autoresponders make it so that you don’t have to manually send out emails to each subscriber that joins your list You just set everything up and let it run Autoresponders are only sent to and specific actions happen for instance you might set up a series of Autoresponders to go out in a sequence you send message number one and then set up message number two to be sent out only after the Subscriber has opened message number one or you can set it up to send x number of days after a subscriber joins your list There’s a lot of possibilities, but that goes Beyond the scope this video.

Here’s how a standard email signup process works Bob enters email to opt-in box he then receives email asking to confirm his subscription This is called a double opt-in After he confirms his subscription. He’s taken to a thank you page Now let’s walk through the process of setting these forms up I’m going to set up an opt-in confirmation email, but the process is the same for other forms back in mailchimp you’re going to go to lists the list you just made signup forms and General forms then click on the drop-down button to choose the opt-in confirmation email This is the email that a person gets immediately after filling in the subscribe box It’s basically a way of saying hey, you just signed up to get emails from me Technically double opt-ins are optional But it helps keep your number of unsubscribers down because the person is confirming that they actually meant to sign up for your list The message that you put on the opt-in confirmation email will depend on what you offered to originally get them to sign up once you fill that out click on the drop-down again and choose confirmation thank you page.

The confirmation thank you page is where people go after they click on yes subscribe me to this list your confirmation thank you page should be the page where people can get whatever it is You’re giving away, so in my opt-in form I was giving away a free cheat sheet So I would link a page for my visitors to download that I could also send the cheat sheet directly to their inbox building a campaign Now we’ve set up our list and an email subscribe box The next part of email marketing is crafting the email message itself there are lots of names for your email Mass email Newsletter eblasts ezine, but mailchimp calls each email message a campaign Let’s have a quick look at how to create a campaign and start sending email messages to your subscribers So from the mailchimp dashboard click on create a campaign and it takes you through a few steps to setting up your campaign Here you choose which list of subscribe you want to send the campaign to so I’ll choose the list I created earlier for this example then click on next here Then you fill in some information on the campaign such as its name Email subject From name from email address as well as lots more options such as tracking and social Media Which lets you connect to different tracking such as google analytics and use Twitter and Facebook with your campaign Next choose a template to use for your email You have a choice from all kinds of sizes and different looks Now you get to customize how it looks click next This is where you can get creative On the right you have lots of different elements you can add to your campaign such as text image group of images social Share buttons Image with a caption and all you do is track it over to your campaign to where you want it to go easy Now you can edit it by clicking it and the editing window comes up So if I want to add an image, I click and drag it over click on browse and upload Choose the image I want to use and it’s uploaded Click on design, and you have even more options to customize the look and feel of your campaign Such as its background color text color font and lots more click save here, when done you you have so many options to make your campaign unique and engaging to your subscribers the possibilities are limitless When you’re done click on next now you can send your campaign to your subscribers or schedule it for a date and time you want it to be sent Using mailchimp can be a powerful way to leverage your wordpress website It’s also easy and intuitive to use how to get your first email subscribers First and foremost you have to give people a reason to join your email list Subscribe to my latest blog posts just doesn’t cut it anymore Tell people what they’re going to get out of joining your email list whether you’re giving away a free guide a Discount code a Workshop or a free consultation you have to give your audience some type of value to make it worth their while My suggestion is to create some type of a free guide Guides are great because they are not difficult to make Put that bad boy on your website and start getting email subscribers and building your email list I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if you did Please give it a quick like and even share it if you have any questions Please leave us a comment.

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How To Use PLR Content

Content is king, and marketing is moving in the direction of educating over advertising and marketing in what’s called material advertising. Exclusive tag legal rights (PLR) assist you to conserve time in developing material by acquiring civil liberties so that you can modify, and also most of the times claim possession of documents. You can get PLR licenses for posts, books, software program, video clip, audio, and even graphics. As an example, you can get PLR posts, reword them to publish on your blog site. Or you can buy PLR e-books, reword them, and also offer them.

Benefits and drawbacks
PLR benefits include:

Time Cost savings. Rather than coming up with a concept and also developing from the ground up, PLR offers you the suggestion, the rundown, and even foundation where to function.
Price effective. Compared to employing a writer, videographer, etc., PLR content is very economical.
Adaptability. You can alter the material. Not only can you change the web content, but you must transform it. While you can publish PRL material as is, it’s better to rewrite it. Having PLR civil liberties permits you to add, erase, reorganize and change the content.
Possession insurance claim. Because you’re creating an entirely brand-new piece of material, you can put your name on it and also claim copyright.
Naturally, PLR has a couple of drawbacks also:

Non-exclusive. While many PLR providers limit the variety of licenses marketed, you’re still purchasing web content that hundreds, even thousands of others have. That’s why modifying as well as making it your very own is vital.
Generic. PLR material is frequently dull and generic. Some are poorly created. It is essential to use PLR as a framework where to include your very own flare.
Limitations. Depending on the PLR permit there may be limitations on just how it can be used. For example, you may not have the ability to use the content completely free (i.e., through your e-newsletter). Although this is seen much more in master resale civil liberties (MRR) web content, PLR products may have constraints too. Make sure to read the certificate carefully.
Among the excellent benefits to PLR is that you’re restricted just by your imagination. Creative ways to utilize PLR content in your home biz consists of:

Post. You do not have to blog site for long to know that creating originalities is difficult. PLR material offers you with ideas as well as the fundamentals of a post. All you need to do is revise.
Email listing sign-up reward. If you don’t have an email listing, you require to create one. Now. But to obtain people to sign up for your listing, you need to provide an incentive. PLR e-books, video clips, and other material can be given as a freebie to subscribers.
Short article marketing. While written post advertising does not help a lot with Search Engine Optimization any longer, it can obtain your organization information before someone else’s market. Like the article, PLR for article advertising and marketing offers you the framework from which to create an original item you can submit to an additional website or blog site.
The market, Producing, as well as selling info items suits nearly every service model. If you have a direct sales company, you can market ebooks related to your service market (i.e., the importance of vitamins if you sell vitamins or video clip of charm ideas of your marketing makeup. If you’re a coach, you can offer self-paced house education and learning courses. You can utilize PLR as inexpensive access or upsell to your products or services.
The key to success in PLR web content is to make it your own. Text material (write-ups, digital books, etc.) must be completely revised. Instill your concepts, thoughts, and personality into the web content. PLR web content can usually be completely dry as well as vague. Including your suggestions as well as style makes it fascinating for others to review and a representation of your business and brand.

Videos, as well as audio, require you have modifying software to make changes. At least, you’ll wish to re-record introductory and ends to include your organization information.

Did you know you can obtain many of the latest digital books, software program, audios and video clip marketing items many with free gift legal rights, resell rights, master resell constitutional rights as well as personal tag civil liberties beginning with a totally free membership at one of the most relied on & valued internet sites in Internet marketing? Get going

When you are dealing with a tight spot, it can be testing to see the positive. This is where being grateful can aid. It does not imply that you are thankful for the problems, however, instead, you should be showing gratitude for the positive points that are going on in your life, even if they are tiny. Appreciation can help you see your current scenario in a manner that can decrease the panic, and open your believing to new options to your issues. Below are nine means you can practice gratitude as well as begin living a happier life.

Practice # 1.
Take a little time to see your everyday world from the point of gratitude. When you start looking at scores from the factor of gratitude, you will be amazed in all the goodness in your life that you have possibly been ignoring.

Practice # 2.
Keep a gratitude journal. Maintaining a gratitude journal requires absolutely nothing more significant than taking a couple of minutes at the end of the day and also making a note of the things that you are grateful for in your life. You don’t even require to purchase an elegant notepad to start seeing the advantages.

Practice # 3.
If you recognize something or a person in your life with an unfavorable quality, change that attribute in your mind to a much more positive one. For example, if you connect your work boardroom as the cold area, begin thinking about it as the meeting room with the great view instead.

Practice # 4.
To practice and also benefit from gratitude, you likewise have to exercise humility. Humbleness is far too often not demonstrated in today’s society. Start being small and even considerate. Spend some time to check out where you can fit humility into your life.

Practice # 5.
On a daily basis, provide a minimum of one compliment. Compliments can either be directly or by sharing your recognition of something in your life. This can be as easy as claiming, “I love just how peaceful it is in the morning.”.

Practice # 6.
When you discover yourself in a less than the great situation, ask yourself what you can find? Think about when you reflect on the situation, without emotion, what you will be grateful for.

Practice # 7.
Make a vow not to slam, complain, or gossip for a week. If you slide, rally your determination and maintain moving on. Take the time to observe just how much energy you were investing every day on adverse ideas.

You don’t require any specific tools to practice gratitude. Merely use your head and also your heart.

Become a Free Member and learn more of becoming a better you through Gratitude!

Awesome Graphic Freebies

I just found a Mother Load of Free Graphics

If your into putting graphics on your website ads etc like me especially if it is for free it’s a no-brainer for me.

While I do love working and learning more each and every day in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Show Pro 2019, and other software programs. When I come across a site that has already done a lot of work for me for free I jump on it.


#1 saves me time…

#2 I can learn more about how the individual made these

#3 can customize as I see fit

#4 I can use in all my projects and client projects because:

All freebies from dealjumbo can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on their own, or as part of new work.

So if your like me and have photoshop etc..Go check them out..of course mockups are great but what else does dealjumbo have with freebies?

  • Fonts
  • Textures
  • Photos
  • Bundles

Graphics etc

The great thing about it is if for some reason you can’t find what you’re looking for in the freebie section they also offer premium items at very affordable prices some as low as 3 to 4 bucks with special sales etc.

But be like me check out all the tons of freebies first.


Affiliate Marketing

Ever since Timothy Ferriss published his book “The 4-Hour Workweek,”
people have been ditching their 9 to 5 tasks and taking the plunge into associate
Advertising. If you’ve imagined being able to make a good living through comfortable income, after that associate advertising and marketing, is a course you should take into consideration taking.
The idea behind affiliate advertising and marketing is that you promote the products of other people, a lot of times with an affiliate network, as well as gain commissions when people buy those products as a result of your advertising and marketing efforts. Pretty easy right?
Unfortunately, there is a little even more to the process, and also it will undoubtedly take some upfront service your component.
Before you can begin in affiliate advertising and marketing, it is crucial for you to comprehend that there are four different parties associated with the process and also exactly how each fit in with the system.
When it comes down to the actual advertising component of the associate advertising system, there are two sides to the equation: the maker as well as the vendor of the item and also the affiliate marketing professional. What does this suggest?
You can look at associate advertising and marketing as the procedure of spreading item development and marketing across various events, where each of the parties obtains a share of the revenues according to their private contribution to the advertising and marketing efforts.
This, put simply, indicates that you can be both the maker as well as the marketing professional as well as still earn a profit from the underlying idea of revenue sharing.

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Hosting Options

Let’s Talk Inexpensive Web Hosting

If you are a person who wants to flaunt your interests, unique qualities, hobbies, e.t.c. to your pals or anybody outside; after that, it is the very best suggestion to select an affordable web hosting or even a free web hosting.

Also for local business, low-cost web hosting would undoubtedly be the most significant choice to get the maximum straight exposure for their service, their things, and even their services. As everyone understands web hosting is the should work for any company whether it is big or tiny. Placing in considerable amounts in web hosting for smaller sized or start-up organization is not practical in one of the most situations and also for this reason affordable web hosting is an exceptional option for this problem.

If it’s your very initial internet site, an individual web page or countless other variables you may choose to go the lost cost host route. If the mission is to have a great website though, there are some things you have to recognize and look for in a reduced expenditure web hosting business. They are:

1. Storage:

Mainly if you want images with your inexpensive web hosting service, a room is essential. Lots of low-cost holding services are entirely complimentary for the very first 10mb and afterward, begin billing you to get more storage space.

2. Advertisements

Lots of reasonable host choices though overdo it with Popup as well as float-ins, as well as banner promotions and also plenty more. A Buck a month web hosting or complimentary organizing you can anticipate a lot of ads.

Simply put, you require to find a risk-free reduced cost web hosting solution that provides you with a lot of storage space as well as no over the leading advertising and marketing. By doing this, you are made sure to have pleasurable experience having your site with reduced cost host. Likewise, don’t neglect it’s not merely your experience yet those of your visitors as well if you’re limited to precisely what you can have on your site, or numerous ads are flying at your visitor’s display, you’ll have a tough time quitting them from clicking the back switch.

Putting in significant quantities in web hosting for smaller sized or launch firms is not viable in one of the most situations as well as for this reason economic web hosting is the excellent choice for this trouble.

Lots of low-cost web hosting alternatives though overdo it with Popup and also float-ins, as well as banner advertisements and plenty a lot more. A Buck a month web hosting or completely cost-free organizing you can prepare for a lot of promotions.

In short, you require to uncover a risk-free reduced cost host choice that offers you with plenty of storage space and also no over the leading advertising and marketing.

Why I choose Godaddy for my domain register?
To be transparent I use several companies, but one of my first is I always check Godaddy…Primarily because they offer coupons that can contribute to substantial savings. This day and age my investment in domain registration and hosting is one of the top considerations.
I haven’t taken advantage of the hosting plans yet but will be looking into it for my customers as I always want to provide the best solutions and Godaddy’s reputation is without a doubt one of the best.
Some things you have to consider:
Before you choose a plan, you need to select a hosting firm. While some firms lease web servers or outsource their technical support, They own and also manage their web servers, as well as their software application, safety, and expert hosting assistance, which is offered 24/7/365.
Best of all, given that they have purchased modern innovation, which they are happy to offer a 99.99% uptime warranty AND ALSO a money-back assurance, so you can be sure they are providing everything that they guarantee.
Go check them out.


Thought I would Share:

Daily life is full of disruptions and distractions. To sustain your day-to-day writing habit, discover a silent area to function and also locate ways to temper the disturbances. Turn off the mobile phone, the e-mail, as well as the Internet. Train others to respect your daily writing time.
In my case, I need to put my MATT my African Grey Parrot back on his stand or cage so I can keep being Productive,



Any online business will undoubtedly profit considerably from constructing an opt-in email listing that will undoubtedly review your useful material, get your services and products, or get your affiliate offers.

Sluggish and steady wins the race and also recognize that it is possible to add greater than one hundred customers to your list on a once a week basis without depending upon Search Engine Optimization or any kind of secret formula.

The approach additionally functions well when adding numbers in the thousands too, as you come to be aware of it. A mistaken belief made by web marketing newbies is their thinking that the amount added this week needs to enhance the next week significantly

Utilize the traditional model to start little with your strategy growth as well as a rise in slow-moving increments with the numbers. It is best to progressively construct a list, instead of having overwhelming numbers at the start of the procedure.

Bear in mind that the natural enhancement to your list on a regular basis of greater than one hundred customers will generate one thousand clients in just ten weeks.

These one thousand subscribers have the potential of netting you a thousand dollars or even more each month.if you proficiently preserve your listing can translate into a twelve-thousand-dollar revenue from just this one list of subscribers.

The essential component is your capture web page which will convert your website traffic into your clients. If you require some suggestions for a capture web page, you can Google ‘capture web page themes’ and also get some suggestions.

Customize the phrasing of the template to match it to your needs, and afterward, upload it to your host. Also, you will require to integrate your autoresponder code into the model.

The majority of online marketers tend to make use of Aweber of Getresponse as their AR selection.

You can obtain some traffic creating concepts by finding ezine short articles composed by various other marketers in your chosen specific niche. The purpose of doing this is to assemble a list of marketing professionals from your particular niche who are email list proprietors.

You can do this by seeing online forums in your picked niche or getting the ezine articles as an email checklist customer to various other marketing expert’s lists. Additionally, search in Google to see if you can locate much more ezine articles in your specific niche.

Contact individual marketing professionals directly by email as well as ask if they would undoubtedly market you a paid solo ad to their checklist, as well as what the expense is to send it bent on their subscribers.

This approach usually is very cost-effective. If you are thoughtful in your checklist choice, you can get numerous new subscribers for much less than fifty dollars. It is additionally a good idea to place an advertisement within their ezine article at the top, instead of near the bottom.

A Google search will undoubtedly result in many ezine articles for you to the source. To save time you may wish to look into the Directory site of Ezines. This directory site
materials you with the variety of clients per list, the expense to mail to these lists,
as well as any kind of various other essential info concerning each listing.

Remember that with a well-maintained email listing, each subscriber equates typically to at the very least one buck per month as income.

There will undoubtedly be some ezine proprietors who will not consent to a paid solo advertisement, yet you will have lots that will give that it will certainly pay for them. It just takes a few quality listings of resources for this to generate the required website traffic to your site. This technique is fantastic will undoubtedly help you build your opt-in e-mail listing.

Remember that with a well-kept e-mail list, each subscriber typically equals at least one buck monthly as revenue.

An excellent method is to stay clear of hitting them up first with an expensive deal. As site visitors proceed with your opt-in procedure, make your brand-new checklist participant an offer that provides a lot of value, that it would undoubtedly be crazy for them not to take advantage of the proposal. And this subtler method is generally a lot more lucrative. They don’t know you at this point or have a reason to trust you sufficient to make a big buy from you.

It is a great way to offer your possible participants or leads something of higher worth to them than what it would commonly cost. This method will undoubtedly put them in the frame of mind of obtaining a lot, which will make them very responsive to your future offers. They will check their e-mail on a regular basis for more of your bargains. Individuals wish to know what you can do for them or just how you can resolve their problems.

This approach will condition them to come to be as well as continue to be paying customers, as opposed to just reviewing you or valuable details without buying any of your deals. Any client who makes one purchase has a high likelihood of making future purchases, especially with deals that cost ten bucks or much less.

A consumer who makes one purchase has a high chance of making future purchases, also at the cost of 10 dollars or less.

These members are much more important to your service than the subscribers who never buy anything. However, do not cheapen those subscribers, as they might refer others that will undoubtedly make that acquisition.

This strategy will certainly additionally aid you to make up for the cash invested in promotion or marketing costs. It will indeed likewise become profitable with time with determination and consistency on your component.

New clients will be more open to your future deals as well as will remember you from their previous item purchase, so your adhere to up email deals have a better likelihood of creating even more sales for you.

It is necessary that you present them with an extraordinary worth over the price of the item. This practice will certainly cause future sales and might lead to their participation in your blog site or online forum. And also they will undoubtedly be extra inclined to tell others concerning your organization as well as promote your products as an affiliate.

A picture of a valuable deal can be where your item that prices practically one hundred bucks has gone for months will get the little bit or no sales. Deal this very same item to brand-new clients for ten dollars.

Along with this, inform them that you are practically providing it to them at such an unbelievable deal because you want to make them loyal clients.

Remember that during the procedure of developing an e-mail checklist, it is vitally vital to supply top quality, helpful material to educate the customer, in addition to soft selling them on your products that will resolve their issue. This method will undoubtedly obtain them delighted about you, your e-mails, as well as purchasing even more of your products.

Be considerate to your checklist customers, and also always prevent sending them things with a ton of offers with no vital web content. You exist to make their lives better.

If they feel that you are motivated just by the cash, they will unsubscribe, possibly send your emails to the spam folder, or delete them. They need to see that you respect them to become your devoted, faithful customers currently and in the future.

Here Are 3 Signs Indicating ,You’re Far Too Comfortable In Your Comfort Zone

We’re supposed to be comfortable in our comfort zones – it’s called comfort, after all. But when it becomes too comfortable in there, the tendency is to just get stuck in there. Let the world burn for all you care, you’ll be snug and safe in your comfort zone.
Here are some signs you need to be aware of so you don’t get too comfy in your comfort zone.

1. You don’t want to try out new things
You’ve crossed off the word ‘adventure’ in your dictionary.
You’re practically living your life by routine alone – you don’t deviate, and you’ve no wish to.
You’re perfectly happy with the way things are, and you’re ignoring whatever’s going on around you.
You’re stuck in your comfort zone, and you don’t want to entertain the thought of doing something new because it scares you.
You’d rather be in your safe zone than be somewhere fun and exciting where you can possibly hurt yourself.
You’re afraid of experiencing something totally unknown and foreign, and you wouldn’t know how to react to it.
When you feel these things, then you’ve become far too comfortable in your comfort zone, and it’s turned into your prison.

2. You’re always procrastinating
You’re always thinking, it’s not the right time yet. You don’t want to start working on your goals because the right time or the right opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet.
But when exactly is the right time? Or is there ever a right time? When you’re a serial procrastinator, no time is ever right.
You keep postponing the important things in your life because you’re afraid of leaving your comfort zone. You’d rather chill in bed than take action on your goals.

3. You’re letting opportunity after opportunity pass you by
You’re getting bombarded with opportunities other people would kill for, but you’re letting everything pass you by.
You’ve no interest in doing anything that will take you far away from your comfort zone. Or if you’re interested, it’s not enough to motivate you to take a leap of faith and jump into an exciting new opportunity.
You may be afraid of failing or succeeding. Either way, both are going to change your life. So you don’t entertain those life-changing opportunities. You’d rather be safe and boring than exciting and successful!

Are You Ready to Get Out Of The Comfort Zone and


Often Times it has been asked how do we create a video with timing/quality and precision in a post on social media.

Here are A few tools below. Click on any of the images for more info.




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